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  • Listen Again Listen Again

    Here's where to find some of the best bits from the Breakfast Show, including interviews with special guests...

  • Swiss News Pod Swiss News Pod

    Today's top 5 stories, as read live on the Breakfast Show on WRS

  • Big Screen, Little Screen Big Screen, Little Screen

    Suzi Lyon reports in on the best films and TV series that are out now.

  • Swiss Up Swiss Up

    From the Swiss guards protecting the Pope, nuclear bunkers and Swiss secret societies, Dario takes you on a journey to uncover Switzerland one mystery at a time.

  • Money Mixtape Money Mixtape

    The show that puts finances to music - with Victor Cianni. Start your week with a quick and digestible deep dive into a critical financial topic.

  • Job Tales Job Tales

    Laura Leoncini hosts JOB TALES - the show where you learn about your potential, future, favourite job.

  • Business Update Business Update

    from Barclays Private Bank, with the latest Business report

  • Health Matters Health Matters

    A look at all things health, with Dr Michelle Wright

  • McKay Interview McKay Interview

    Michael McKay conducts in depth interviews with decision makers and local leaders in Switzerland.

  • Kids in Mind Kids in Mind

    Child Psychologist Dr Rebecca Weber discusses raising children and teenagers in the modern world.

  • Dig It! Dig It!

    Hester Macdonald answers all your gardening questions LIVE on the show! Plus, great prizes for garden lovers.

  • UN Roundup UN Roundup

    Learn about the events that are on each week at the United Nations with Margaux Creagh and Katt Cullen. Tune in live every Monday morning at 09:40.

  • BSCC - Geneva BSCC - Geneva

    Michael McKay looks ahead at this month's activities at the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) Geneva Chapter

  • Choose a Tune Choose a Tune

    Every weekday choose a tune and tell us why you love it.

  • The Things They Ask The Things They Ask

    The questions that kids would like answers to, answered by a pro.