Advertise on WRS

Do you want to reach out to our audience of successful, international professionals with high incomes and purchasing power? WRS has been broadcasting to this community since 1996 and we're in the homes, cars and offices of our listeners.


We choose advertisers that match our audience profile and are a good fit for our community to ensure maximum engagement for your brand whilst adhering to the goals of the station; to inform and entertain in a way that promotes integration into local life, delivering a positive impact on the life of internationals in the region. 


It's straightforward to advertise on-air with WRS! We have packages that include airtime and production that really maximise impacts for your budget. These packages can also include extras such as online banner advertising on our website and additional promotion across flagship shows. 




Can't see what you're after? Build your own advertising campaign with our ratecard for greater flexibility in terms of ad duration and airplay timings: 

Minimum ad spots : 70 

Production of your ad spot:

Advert with 1 voice : CHF 480.-

Advert with 2 voices : CHF 600.-


Costs subject to 8.1% TVA



It's also possible to sponsor on-air content, such as weather reports, traffic, or even a flagship show like the Breakfast Show, or the Homerun. Feel free to enquire about sponsorship for any of WRS' shows.



Not sure what's best? Let us know your goals and budget and let us come up with an offer for you. 






"I have looked at the website traffic and it was off the chart!!! 

You really turned up the heat on this, THANK YOU so much."

Ramona Azarnia, CEO of ArkoSwiss, producer of Hotbin in response to an on-air

competition we did as part of a multi-month advertising campaign. 


"I am so impressed with the way the advertising worked – running a competition was a fantastic way to introduce my business. I really liked the way Katt and Mark engaged listeners around the pronunciation, meaning and spelling of Aroha!"

- Philippa Benninger, Aroha Wine