Q: What is WRS?

A: WRS, or World Radio Switzerland, is a privately owned commercial radio station based in Geneva, Switzerland. WRS has been running since 1996. WRS started as World Radio Geneva - or WRG - and changed to WRS in 2007. 

It broadcasts around Lake Geneva on DAB+, using a selection of different local transmitters. In Geneva you can find it by searching for WRS GE. In canton Vaud search for WRS VD, or in canton Valais you'll find WRS VS. 

You can also stream online nationwide or listen via our app. 

Q: What actually is DAB+?

A: DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB+ is an upgrade to the older DAB system that's been in use since the late 1990s. 

Q: Why aren't you on FM?

A: The Federal Government is phasing out FM signals. Within a few years all FM stations will have to switch to DAB+ or online. The first stations to come off FM will be those operated by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation starting in 2022. It's planned there will be no FM stations left by 2024. 

Q: How can I listen to WRS?

A: Please refer to our page on How to Listen for a wide range of options, including DAB+ for your home or car, or alternatively streaming solutions through our website or apps. 

Q: What shows do you have?

A: We have live presented shows every morning throughout the week. In addition we have local information throughout the day about life in Switzerland: lifestyle guides, what's on, market updates, childcare, education, local services, Swiss tips and culture, market updates, gadgets and gardening. We'll add more as time goes on. 

Every hour we link live to the BBC World Service news room XX:01 - XX:06. We also have popular BBC News and BBC World Service programme content throughout the evening and night. 

Q: Can I listen to WRS on-line?

A: Yes, on-line through this website. Click "LISTEN LIVE" at the top of the page. We also have an Android app and an iPhone app. 

Q: Can I advertise my company on WRS?

A: Yes, of course. Please contact us and ask for our latest ratecard and media kit. We adhere to normal rules for broadcast radio in Switzerland and follow the rules as set by the Federal Office of Communications. Broadly, that means no tobacco, hard liquor or political advertising material is permitted. 

Q: I'm organising a local event and I'd like to promote it on air. Can I do that?

A: Probably. We're committed to the region and very happy to be supportive of local groups - such as sports or theatre clubs for example. The groups cannot be running for a profit, although raising money for the group or charity is allowed. Anything which aims to make a profit should refer to our ratecard for advertising costs. 



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