How to Listen


The WRS app is available on iOS and android which makes listening possible wherever you are, anywhere in the world.  

Tuning in via the app is one of the easiest ways to link up if you're on public transport, but also syncing up via Bluetooth to your car stereo means that the app is also a great way to tune in on the move. 



Simply hit the "LISTEN LIVE" button above or make a bookmarked page. 



We're on DAB+ throughout Geneva, Lausanne and Valais, as well as parts of neighbouring France. 

DAB+ radio stations are listed by name rather than frequency. Simply scroll through the list of available stations on your DAB+ radio until you see “WRS” on the screen. You may be linked to a specific GE, VD, or VS transmitter depending on whichever has the strongest frequency at that time. Your DAB+ radio should select and move between these seamlessly.

DAB+ radios are available at any major electronics retailer from as little as CHF 39.- A DAB+ receiver can also be fitted to a car that doesn't have a DAB+ radio installed. These are typically powered through the cigarette lighter. 

Standard DAB radios will not receive DAB+.


STREAMING ON A DEVICE (i.e. Amazon Alexa or Sonos) :

"Alexa, listen to WRS on TuneIn..." is the command we've tried and tested. 

Sonos users may need a direct streaming link. Use (high quality) or (low quality)



How do you listen? Do you have any recommendations that we haven't mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below so we can edit your useful suggestions into this article !



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