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Since you're on the website, the easiest way is probably to hit that big LISTEN LIVE button in the top right of this site

However, you have options... 



We're on DAB+ throughout Geneva, Lausanne and Valais, as well as neighbouring France. 

DAB+ radio stations are listed by name rather than frequency. Just scroll through the list of available stations on your DAB+ radio until you see “WRS” on the screen. Push "select” and you’re done. 

Standard DAB radios will not receive DAB+. Make sure you buy a DAB+ radio. It will say DAB+ on the box or receiver. You can buy a DAB+ radio at any major electronics retailer from as little as CHF 39.-


DAB+ in your car :

Most new cars now come  with DAB+ radios fitted as standard. If not, your radio can be adapted. You can consider syncing your smartphone to your car stereo and tuning in via the app. (See details below).

For older cars with the ‘box’ style radio, you can buy a new DAB+ radio to replace it. 

For newer cars, an auto parts professional can replace it for you. Your radio will be brought up to date but will look the same. 

Alternatively you can buy a simple adapter that plugs into your headphone jack from most electronic stores. This adapter often involves a little box that can sit in your glove compartment and is powered through a cigarette lighter. 

If you have a DAB+ radio in your car, it will find the strongest available signal and switch without you noticing. Thanks to digital technology, the receivers may sometimes use a combination of two or more transmitters at the same time, which makes the signal even stronger. 



More and more listeners are tuning in to WRS using digital channels. You can stream WRS on your computer through our website "LISTEN LIVE" button at the top of the page.


Mobile App: 

Simply download the app for iOS or android and listen through a device that's always with you. You can link up to WRS through the app from anywhere in the world. 

Tuning in via the app is one of the easiest ways to link up if you're on public transport, but also syncing up via Bluetooth to your car stereo means that the app is also a great way to tune in if you don't have a DAB+ stereo or are listening in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland.



Via your Amazon Alexa :

You may find that you need to say something slightly more inventive depending on which device you're using. For example, some listeners have reported in that listening on Amazon Alexa, they say "Alexa, listen to WRS on TuneIn..."


Sonos :

You'll need a direct streaming link. You can use one of these:

High quality:

Low quality:


How do you listen? Do you have any recommendations that we haven't mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below so we can edit your useful suggestions into this article !



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