The Things They Ask

Allison Ochs has worked as a teacher and social worker in public and private schools, a teen transition home, a hospital and an orphanage.

She is the author of "Would I have sexted back in the 80s" published by Amsterdam University Press, and she developed the Oscar and Zoe series and Stories for Digital Citizenship. 

Allison tackles tough subjects head on, including sexuality, technology and social dynamics.

Allison Ochs is an American and Swiss citizen, and she believes that interest in social pedagogy started when she was four years old, and her parents adopted her older sister from Korea. Her ease with words, authenticity, connection, and understanding of others is possibly due to this unique upbringing in a multicultural family of eleven.

Contact Allison at, or via the contact page of the website. You can leave out names if you'd like (we'll change names for children 16 and under automatically for the podcast), but please make sure you include how old you are. 


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