Warning over adverts for flats in Zug

Zug (c) LohriPR

Legal experts are warning to be careful of adverts offering rooms or flats to rent in canton Zug, which seemingly will come with a residence permit.

One advert on the website Homegate is offering a 16 m2 studio for CHF 1,745 a month. 

The text claims renting this would entitle the resident to a permit and it’s possible to set up a business at the address. But goes on to warn that cooking and bathroom facilities are limited and is suitable only for people who won’t be spending a lot of time there. 

The adverts are in English. 

The Zug Department of Economic Affairs stresses the property owner has no right to suggest renting a flat or a room will give anyone the right of a residence permit. 

Zug is an attractive location to be based as its tax rates are very low. 

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