Vote to cut signatures to force vote

One of the local votes next month is to reduce the number of signatures needed in Geneva to submit an initiative or force a referendum.

Campaigners say in Geneva the number of people needed is higher as a percentage of population than other cantons. 

They point out in Zurich, a population of 1.5 million, it takes 6,000 for an initiative and 3,000 for a referendum.

In smaller Geneva it takes 8,200 and 5,480 names. 

The Swiss People’s Party, backing the change, says since the pandemic it takes longer to collect signatures. Many don’t want to get too close to others in the street as social distance instincts remain strong.

Others no longer want to handover personal information to strangers. 

They say it takes around 10 minutes for each signature – and many texts are unsuccessful.

But the Liberal Party wants to maintain the numbers, saying it shows that only issues which many people feel strongly about will go to the vote.

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