Unvaccinated could be blamed for further outbreaks


Those who refuse to get vaccinated may be responsible for further waves of infections and pressure on the health services.

That’s a warning from the Federal Health Office and several epidemiologists. 

The health office sent a letter to cantonal governments warning the unvaccinated could trigger new outbreaks as restrictions are lifted.

This view is backed by other experts – Manuel Battegay, an infectious disease specialist in Basel told the NZZ newspaper yesterday says there will be new outbreaks amongst the unvaccinated when the current programme ends. 

A poll by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation says vaccine scepticism is high, with one in five saying they will refuse the jab – especially in the 35 to 64 age group.  

But those who refuse could find life more complicated in the future. A former director of the Federal Health Office, Andreas Faller, suggests those who have been vaccinated get a vaccine ‘passport’ which will allow them to take a plane, go to a concert or a sporting event. Those who haven’t will need to show a negative test beforehand, each and every time. 

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