Swine Fever could spread along autoroutes


There are warnings to motorists not to leave food at autoroute rest stops as it could spread African Swine Fever.

The disease is now surrounding Switzerland – and there are fears that it’s only a matter of time before it affects us too. It’s deadly to wild boar and livestock, normally within 10 days of infection. There’s no vaccine or cure. Humans are unaffected. 

Researchers at the Swiss Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape say left over food could be eaten by wild boar, which then could infect farms. 

The main risk areas have been identified as the A1 running north from Geneva and the A2 in Ticino. Both roads run close to areas with a large boar population.  

Federal authorities are asking the cantons to put up signs at the rest stops to make sure that all uneaten food is disposed of properly. 

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