Support for lower speed limits, but not handrails

Christaras A

The latest survey from the Accident Prevention Office says most people are in favour of lower speed limits in towns – and many have stopped using handrails when climbing stairs.

52% say general speed limits should, be lowered to 30 kph from 50 for most urban roads. But there is a difference between the ages – senior citizens are more in favour, 59%, but 60% of those under 24 disagree. 

The fear of catching Covid seems to have stopped people from holding the handrails on stairs. In 2018, 18% said they never used the rails – but now a quarter say they don’t. The Accident Prevention Office warn falls on stairs are a serious problem and urge handrail use.

There’s also strong support to make it compulsory for children to wear helmets when on a bike – at 86%. And everyone should wear a helmet on an e-bike, even the low powered ones. 

Both issues are due to be debated in parliament. 

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