Russian voters in Switzerland fail to back Putin

Unofficial exit polls taken in Geneva and Bern show the Russian president Vladimir Putin lost heavily.

Voters were asked as they came out of the Russian Mission in Geneva and the Embassy in Bern by volunteers from Russian vote abroad organisations. 

Putin still won 20% in Geneva and 16% Bern – but way short of the 87% being claimed in Moscow. 

Russians in Switzerland did have a preference – they chose the 40 year old Vladislav Davankov. He’s head of the New People party and is currently deputy head of the Duma.

He won 45% in Bern and 29% in Geneva.

Many voters went to vote at midday – the timing was designed to show displeasure at the process. The election is being described as a ‘sham’ by western countries and international election observers were banned. 

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