More rain and storms coming, flood dangers high

Isla Munro

After the devastation of the storm around Zurich yesterday – more rain is on the way and there are flood warnings in many areas.

A new storm front is approaching – and more heavy rain is expected. 

The rain over the last few weeks has filled rivers and lakes and experts are worried more rain will trigger flooding. 

David Volken from the Federal Environment Office says there’s a risk of flooding around lakes Thun, Zurich and Lucerne and the rivers Reuss, Rhine, Emme and the Rhone in canton Valais. 

He also says there’s a very high danger of landslides as the ground is sodden.

While a limited amount of rain is expected today – tomorrow more downpours and storms will arrive. 

It will be dry by the weekend – but there are warnings about swimming or boating this weekend as the rivers will be very fast flowing. 

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