More people begin to accept vaccine


More and more people are now accepting the need to be vaccinated – but there still remains caution when children are involved.

A study by the Geneva University Hospital show those most in favour of being vaccinated are over 50, live in cities, with a well-paid job and completed higher education. 

The survey also showed many became more supportive after the vaccination programme started. 

Those with underlying health issues are also more likely to accept the vaccine. 

The most common reason to be vaccinated was less of personal health – but more of a willingness to do what’s required to get life back to normal. 

But many do want more information on the safety of the vaccine for children.

Hard core vaccine sceptics seem to be a relatively few. Only 13% generally refuse all vaccines.

A recent study by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, shows the vast majority of anti-vax propaganda online is generated by only 12 people.

They’re being dubbed the ‘disinformation dozen’ and have almost 60m followers between them.

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