Govt launches campaign to keep Covid laws


Now with the voting for Marriage for All and the 99% initiative out of the way, the government has launched its campaign ahead of the referendum on the Covid law.

In November voters will be deciding whether to keep the swathe of laws relating to the pandemic. It’s been driven by anger over mask wearing rules and the health pass. 

Parliament and the government are pushing voters to keep the laws in place. 

At a press conference yesterday, the president Guy Parmelin and the health minister Alain Berset warned there is no plan B if voters reject the laws.

The two ministers point out ff the vote passes – it wouldn’t just be the restrictions that would go – but also the financial aid packages that have been offered to help those affected by the lockdowns.

The government is stressing that it reviews the laws weekly and will lift restrictions as soon as it can. It says it depends on the case and the vaccination rates. 

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