Bar owner jailed for lock down violations

A bar owner in canton Zurich has been jailed for flagrant breaking of the covid restrictions.

 56-year-old Günter Diexer was in court in Winterthur as he allowed customers in his bar in March last year – when it was strictly against the law. 

Police ordered him to close and everyone had to leave. 

But he was back the following day, with the press in tow, and ripped off the police tape which was put up to seal the building. 

When it was visited again by the police – they found 14 people eating and drinking.

In total the owner tried to break in and open the bar 4 or 5 times.

He was not wearing a mask and he’s also refusing a food inspector to visit.

He's been sentenced to 7 months in jail. But that was in his absence and he hadn't returned to court to hear the verdict. He says he plans to appeal. 

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