Possible restrictions on the unvaccinated


Following the announcement by the Federal Council that there could be restrictions placed on those who refuse to be vaccinated, some are calling it compulsory vaccination by the back door, but others say it’s only right that those who take responsibility should benefit.

The Health Minister, Alain Berset, says it would be unjust for those who have been vaccinated to forego freedoms. 

Liberal Party national MP, Regine Sauter, agrees. She told the Blick newspaper that if everyone has to live under restrictions because some refuse to be vaccinated, that would be unfair. 

The National Ethics Committee also agrees. Vice President Markus Zimmermann says the unvaccinated should be restricted if the health sector is under pressure. 

What would it mean in practice? The Blick points it out brutally – those without a certificate could be thrown out of a restaurant, bar or fitness centre. 

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