Health insurer urges care on the slopes


The health insurance company SUVA is warning all of us to take it easy if heading to the slopes this season.

The company has launched an accident prevention campaign called ‘Don’t Overestimate Yourself’. 

The pandemic and associated lockdowns mean we’re all more unfit and heavier than we were. On average, we’ve gained 3 kilos – but for those between 45 and 64, that could be as much as 7 kilos. 

Increased weight and less fit is a recipe for accidents and injuries. 

Zurich sports orthopedist, Gobert von Skrbensky, told the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper those who may not be as fit as they once were, should take more breaks while on the slopes and start doing more exercise now.

It only takes two of three weeks to improve dramatically. 

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