Fears of pollution in Lake Geneva

Damaged sewerage plants could lead to pollution in Lake Geneva.

Several plants in canton Valais are currently out of action due to flooding, locals are being told to flush the toilet as little as possible, throw toilet paper in the bin and use kitchen towels to clean pots and pans. 

One of the works in the town of Siders has been effectively destroyed and needs to be rebuilt. 

If sewerage can’t be properly treated, there’s no option other to allow waste to flow into the Rhone – which leads into the lake. 

As repairs will take some time, the risk of pollution will last for several weeks.

Meanwhile, Valais authorities have evacuated two villages and a campsite in the Val de Bagnes due to heavy rain and fears of a landslide. 
Access to the area is forbidden.

The occasional challenges of living in a multi-lingual country were clear yesterday. The Alert Swiss app sent a message warning of ‘flowing lava.’

That was a translation error.

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