Crimes are down - but not everything


In the year since the first lockdown – our change in behaviour is reflected in the latest crime figures.

Many types of crime are down. With everyone at home, burglaries are down by a third. Cases of human trafficking, fraud and illegal employment are also down heavily.

 In all, the crime rate is down around 30%. 

But there are some crimes that are higher. The pressure of living together has led to a rise in attempted murder. Money laundering is up and e-bikes have become highly prized. Thefts of the new must have products are up 35%. And it’s not just from the streets. Several e-bike shops have been robbed. One in canton Schaffhausen lost 30 bikes in one raid, at a cost of CHF 40,000. 

But many seem to have taken up a new hobby: cannabis growing. The figures show a rise of 22% in illegal cultivation. 

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