Bike thefts up - rarely solved

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Bike thefts in Geneva are on the rise and very rarely solved.

With more electric bikes on the streets, the value of the thefts is also on the rise.

Only half a percent of cases are settled by the police. They say the main problem is that very few clues are left by the thieves and many thefts are opportunistic as bikes could be left either unlocked or locked up with a very poor-quality lock.

Police say another issue is that owners don’t know the frame number of their bike, which makes identifying them very difficult. 

They recommend when chaining up your bike, use a good lock, run the chain through a wheel and the frame before attaching it to an immovable object – and preferably in an area which is being watched. 

They also suggest, if buying a second-hand bike – make sure its not stolen. 



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