Omer Zeinu - Author and Eritrean Refugee in Switzerland

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 - 9 minutes

Omer Zeinu is an author and an Eritrean refugee in Switzerland.

Omer now has a B permit to stay in Switzerland. He currently lives in Vaud and works in a care home. He hopes to do a psychology degree in the coming years.

But things weren't always so easy, or so productive. 

Omer said that before coming to Switzerland, he had the impression that everything would be easy for him. He and his friends thought that they'd be given a permit easily, and be able to find work quickly or be able to study. Although those things are slowly falling into place for Omer, he decided to write the book to show how things really are; complicated, full of uncertainty, helplessness and plenty of waiting around without the ability to work. This life can take months or years. 

His book “I Wish I Never Left Home” is fiction, but it tells the tale of an Eritrean Refugee in Switzerland, so the author has had personal experience that is reflected in the story. It's available in paperback format and kindle.