INVITED GHOSTS - Grütli Arts Centre

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Friday, 3 March 2023 - 6 minutes

You don’t have to be careless, care less.
You don’t have to be fearless, fear less.

Invited Ghosts is a show about about forgiveness. It's a show about the ghosts of the past and who benefits from the act of forgiveness; is it the person who commits a wicked act, or the person who needs to move on? 

The show is a creative collaboration between British-born actor and performer Phil Hayes, who’s now based in Switzerland, and Swiss musician Taimashoe. It's a 1-hour show featuring poetry, music and performance. 

See the show at the Grütli Arts Centre 17-26 March 2023. Ticket price is flexible - pay what you want between CHF 0.- and CHF 50.- per ticket. 

Phil Hayes joins Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show to tell us more.




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