'Burnt Out in Biscuit Land' at Grütli Theatre

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Wednesday, 17 April 2024 - 9 minutes

Burnt Out in Biscuit Land is coming to the Grütli Theatre in Geneva on the 16 and 17 May. 

Created by Jess Thom - an artist, writer and activist, this performance challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about disability through her various works. Jess has Tourette’s syndrome herself. She co-founded Touretteshero in the UK in 2010; a project that celebrates the creativity and humour of Tourette’s syndrome

In Burnt Out in Biscuit Land - Touretteshero’s latest piece - you’re invited to step into a world unlike any other, where survival is key and joy is a form of resistance. The performance stars three neurodiverse individuals as they navigate an apocalyptic bunker, confronting their isolation.

WRS' Katt Cullen spoke to Jess Thom about the show...

Three people stare directly at the camera and are each wearing different coloured, knitted balaclavas where only their eyes and mouths are exposed. They are all wearing black stab vests with the words ‘NO DNR’ stencilled onto the vests in white paint. 

Image Credit: Ro Murphy





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