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Friday, May 6th, 2022 - 15 minutes

Tania McMahon, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator at IIL, joins WRS' Katt Cullen to talk about exam preparation. 

In the first part of this episode we look at how to revise well; setting a good schedule, how to make sure you're held accountable, and apps that can support learning, including app-based flash cards and specially revision timers using the "Pomodoro technique". 

Then Katt and Tania talk about being kind to yourself during exam season and managing stress. It's important to eat, sleep and exercise properly, practice mindfulness, and focus. Tania also has some visualisation techniques for students to use in exam preparation, and explains why this kind of visualisation is so important to prevent mental blocks in the moment. 

This is an important time, so be kind to yourself. 


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