Eco-friendly Christmas traditions for the family

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Friday, December 17th, 2021 - 25 minutes

Dorinda Phillips from Zero Waste Switzerland talks to WRS about how having a more environmentally friendly Christmas doesn't have to mean missing out, it's just about making the right choices. Today we discuss gifts, decoration and food ideas that can become part of your family's holiday traditions. 

00:00 - 05:45 We look at Zero Waste Switzerland and Dorinda's journey to working with them, as well as an introduction to having a sustainable Christmas. We ask how we can motivate children and teens to become passionate about the environment overall, and how we can then  incorporate being environmentally aware into a holiday such as Christmas. 

05:45 - 10:35 CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Firstly we consider the idea of experiences as presents - these can be great for both the child and parent alike. Also DIY gifts that kids can make for the family, particularly some ideas from beeswax such as lip balms and food wrap. We consider second-hand gifts and also, consider wrapping them in something reusable. 

10:35 - 16:25 CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: We get creative with some different alternatives to Christmas trees, including a few things we've seen on pinterest. Garlands can also be made of biodegradable items such as dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks, and then there's tinsel made out of popcorn. 

16:25 - 24:10 CHRISTMAS FOODS: It's always a good opportunity at Christmas to help kids understand more about their food; such as where certain foods come from and the processes involved in getting it from the farm to the table. Dorinda reassures meat-eaters that they don't have to go without meat for Christmas, perhaps just reduce consumption slightly, and buy organic. When it comes to veggies, buy directly from farms or farmers' markets with children and teens so they're involved in the preparation and use the experience to learn. 

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