Every weekday we invite a guest to join us on the Breakfast Show at 08:40am, to play the music they love on a given theme, and to tell us why they love it.

Kieran joins us on Choose a Tune

(1 - 5 November 2021)

Kieran (left) joins us in this busy week in the lead up to his band's first gig next week. Dinner and Whiskey Next week (DAWN.w) will be at Le Groove, Boulevard de Saint-Georges 21 in Geneva on Thursday 11 November.

Here's an opportunity to find out about the music that inspires the band, before checking them out in person next week! 


A Motivational Monday Track

A Tuuuuune for Tuesday

Getting over the Wednesday "hump day"

A #ThrowbackThursday track

Friday's song for the weekend


Thanks Kieran ! 

If you'd like to participate in Choose a Tune, contact us, or leave a comment below.


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