Young drivers could be banned from powerful cars

Mini Cooper S - Wikipedia (c) Vauxford

Young drivers could have the type of cars they drive after passing the test limited.

A proposal from the Socialist Party would see newly qualified drivers unable to drive cars with more than 200 horsepower. 

Supporters say the limit will protect new drivers and other road users.

But the government is not convinced and is urging parliament to vote the idea down. The Federal Council says the move would only have a negligible effect. 

There are many detractors in parliament – the Greens say they would prefer a general cut in powerful cars and another idea is to cut the speed limit for new drivers to 100 kph.

Even so, many cars are under 200 horsepower anyway. For example, the Mini Cooper ‘S’ 2 litre turbo, is 189 horsepower - and has a top speed of 234. 

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