Vote to end paprika crisps


The government is warning that if an initiative banning pesticides is passed in June – it could be the end of that Swiss staple – paprika flavored crisps.

The vote seeks to end the importation of food stuffs which have been treated with synthetic pesticides. But the government says that will hit the spice market. 

The Federal Office of Agriculture says there are some products which are simply not available as a pesticide free option – such as paprika and pepper. 

If the vote passes, agriculture groups fear it would only heighten shopping tourism as those who want spicy crisps will cross the border to get them. 
The backers of the initiative dismiss these concerns and say Switzerland has the opportunity to be a pioneer and boost global pesticide free products. 

But Alex Frank, who is actually a spice importer, says importing the amount of spice needed is not possible in organic quality. 

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