Some good and bad news for renters

The Federal Council agreed on Wednesday that landlords should have temporary limits on rent increases due to inflation. Rents can still be increased, but less so than over recent years.

Additionally, landlords must give more information when they inform tenants of increases, which should allow tenants more visibility into various costs and even opportunities to challenge the increases. 

However, there’s also bad news as two parliamentary initiatives came to an end this week which threaten to complicate the tenants’ process to defend themselves against unreasonable rent increases. 

ASLOCA is against this. They explain in their press release : “It will be much more difficult for tenants to defend themselves against an unjustified rent increase at the start of the lease. Furthermore, by simplifying the application of usual rents in the locality or district (...) we move further and further away from the central notion of rent based on costs.”



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