Sauna or prison?


If you have a sauna or heat your swimming pool this winter during an energy crisis – you could go to prison.

The law is already on the books as part of the Economic Supply regulations – which was pointed out by the Federal Department of Economic Affairs.  

If the government declares an energy emergency, a series of rules will come into force. It would be illegal to heat a house to more than 19 degrees with gas heating. Hot water should be no more than 60. Saunas and pools will have to stay cold. 

While prison would only be for serious violations – fines of a few thousand francs could certainly be handed out. 

There could be checks – but the economics minister Guy Parmelin says there won’t be a hunt for violators, he says Switzerland is not a police state. 

But as the press points out, there are plenty of nosey neighbours. 

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