Safety campaigners slam new proposals


A road safety campaign group is angry at plans by parliament to allow more freedom for judges to fine instead of ban drivers convicted of a serious speeding offence.

The group, ‘Road Cross’ says it’s not the will of the people and they may launch either a referendum or an initiative to stop the law change.

Under the existing ‘Via Secura’ laws, those convicted of a serious speeding offence face jail, long bans and even seizure of the vehicle. The sentencing guidelines have been set by parliament and judges have to apply them. The new proposal will give judges more flexibility on individual cases. 

The Road Cross president, Wili Wismer told the Blick newspaper the proposals are a ‘slap in the face’ to all victims of speeding. 

But many parliamentarians say it’s not the case that the law is being weakened. One, Fabio Regazzi from Ticino, points out the sentences remain the same – it just a return to reason. 

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