Russian protest rock group arrested in Bern

Graffiti painted by Pussy Riot - (c) Pussy Riot/Twitter

The Russian protest rock group Pussy Riot have been arrested in Bern after painting anti-war graffiti.

The group is currently touring Europe, raising money for Ukraine. As part of the protests, the band and their supporters are placing posters or using graffiti to mark the distance of Ukraine to show how close the war is to many Europeans. 

 The band’s management says the three women, Masha Alekhina, Lucy Shtein and Taso Pletner were handcuffed and taken to an undisclosed police station. 

They were released a few hours lager. The band is suggesting the police acted collaboration with the Russian Embassy which issued a statement condemning the band’s Swiss tour. 

The police say it will be up to the owner of the wall that was painted on if the band members’ will be charged with criminal damage. 

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