Projection suggests herd immunity by October

A website tracking vaccination rates suggest Switzerland will reach herd immunity in October.

The figures are based on the current rate of vaccinations and is determining herd immunity is when 80% of people have been vaccinated.

The site, uses the rate of vaccination over the last 14 days. 

But it can’t predict what will happen. There could be supply issues or new variants which are able to circumvent vaccinations. 

But the site is providing a useful guide as the end date is constantly changing. Currently it suggests the 7 October – yesterday was the 8th. 

The rate of the number of people being vaccinated will not be slowing in the near future. The health minister yesterday announced another million doses of the Moderna vaccine is due to arrive on Saturday. 

Switzerland’s speed of vaccinating its people is now faster than the two previous leaders of the UK and the US. 


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