Possible quarantine to return for unvaccinated returning to Switzerland

The Federal Council announced yesterday that they are considering ways to update measures for unvaccinated people arriving in Switzerland. They are looking at two possible options. 

The first option being considered would require all those without a Covid Certificate to show a negative test before travelling to Switzerland, and do a further test between day 4 and 7 after arrival, with the result being reported to the appropriate canton. 

The second option being considered also requires a negative test before travelling to Switzerland, and then requires a mandatory quarantine for 10 days, or 7 days if they opt to test and are negative. 

In both scenarios a locator form would become necessary upon entry to Switzerland. 

If this comes into force it will apply to all forms of transportation arriving into Switzerland and there is talk of stricter border checks. However, it would not apply to cross-border workers. 

A decision is expected to be made on the 17 September, to come into force from 20 September.


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