Palestinian conflict divides Switzerland

The war in the Middle East is dividing the country.

 A major survey by the Blick newspaper shows that 30% tend to side with the Palestinians – and 33% tend to side with the Israelis. 

The rest say they don’t know. 

More than 16,000 across the country were asked their opinion last week.

Michael Hermann, who ran the survey says, the Middle East conflict has a long history and many people already had a position even before the start of the current war. 

Broadly more right-wing voters favour Israel.

The survey shows a strong divergence in the linguistic regions – 43% in the German speaking part blame the Palestinians for the war – but only 27% in the French speaking areas.

But there is strong support for Israel defending itself after the Hamas attack – 72% say it has the right to use military force in the Gaza strip.

The Federal Councillor, Ignazio Cassis, is pushing for Switzerland to ban Hamas – 80% back his position. 

In comparison, previous surveys have shown that only 10% believe Ukraine is responsible for that conflict.

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