Many elderly live in poverty


Many elderly people in the country are living in absolute poverty with no savings – and some regions are more affected than others.

The survey has been caried out by the association for the elderly, Pro Senectute. 

The government says anyone with an income of under CHF 2,500 is at risk. The figures show 20% of pensioners are trying to live on less than that. 
But there’s wide discrepancy. In Ticino 30% of pensioners are under the limit, 21% in Sankt Gallen and Nidwalden.

A spokesman says the number was surprising. The worst affected are the elderly who are not Swiss citizens, those without high education and those who have been widowed. 

The organisation says there are many who don’t realise there are additional benefits available for those on a very low income, including help with health costs. 

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