Landslide forces residents from homes

Schwanden landslide (c) X Cryptic Ben @be_ncrypted

A major landslide in canton Glarus has wiped out several homes and many more are threatened in the village of Schwanden.

Residents have been told they can’t return home as experts fear there will be further mudslides. 

In all, 38 buildings have been smothered, and more are in danger.

There are also concerns the local river could be blocked by debris, triggering flooding. 

The recent heavy rains have loosened the ground. Local geologist Markus Gächter says he’s never seen so much water in the ground. He believes around 30,000 m3 of ground has shifted – and the same amount could follow. 

The village is deemed too dangerous for residents to go home and it’s unsure when that will change.


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