Is Geneva dead?


Is Geneva a dead and boring city?

There are more and more who worry the city is moving closer to its austere Calvinist traditions. 

Daniel Sormanni, a city councillor says, sardonically, Calvin would be proud. 

It’s true that many large events have disappeared, such as the Lake Parade and the Fetes de Genève – with the pandemic not helping. 

But also, later this week, new regulations that will force terraces to close at midnight is part of the neo-Calvinist trend. 

Former state councillor, Luc Barthassat, says it gives the image of a dead city. 

Frederick Hohl, who’s credited for reviving a moribund Fete de Genève around 20 years ago, says it’s important that Geneva does continue to host major events – such as the Cirque du Soleil and international football matches. 

But he says communication is lacking. He describes the search for things to do as a bit of an obstacle course – and it’s especially hard for tourists. 

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