Infection rates climb again - but not everywhere


The Federal Health Office is sounding the alarm as Covid cases are once again on the rise in many cantons.

The numbers have been showing a steady rise since the weekend. 

Earlier this week there were 1,240 new cases. The week before there were 923. 

But not all cantons are showing the same growth rate. The national rate is being held down as cantons Bern and Zurich are not experiencing an increase – yet. 

The experts point out the cantons dealing better with the virus are those that have a higher vaccination rate. And the variations are significant.

Nationally, over the last 14 days there were 143 infections per 100,000. In the heavily vaccinated canton Ticino there were just 68, in Basel City 78 and Zurich 124. All those cantons have a full vaccination rate of 65% or over.

But the cantons with the lowest vaccinations, Uri and both Appenzells, the infection rate is 386. That’s way above the national average. 

The ages of those being infected also shows the effect of the vaccination. The young – between 10 and 29 - are now the most likely to catch Covid – as they are the least vaccinated. 

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