Hostage taker shot dead in Vaud

Essert-sous-Champvent station (c) Albins/wikipedia

A hostage situation was only ended yesterday evening after police shot dead a man armed with an axe.

The man had trapped 15 people on a regional train in canton Vaud at around 6.30 last night and held them hostage for around four hours. 

The train has stopped at the station for Essert-sous-Champvent, near Yverdon.

Police explained at a press conference late last night that they tried to negotiate with the axeman, mainly over WhatsApp. The talks were made more complicated as he spoke Farsi and English. 

The man was identified as a 32-year-old asylum seeker from Iran.

The siege was only ended after police created a small diversionary explosion and raided the train. 

The man was shot when he ran towards an officer with his axe. Police say he died on the spot. None of the hostages were injured. 


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