High water levels in rivers and lakes increase accident risk


Ahead of a weekend of temperatures expected to reach 32 degrees, the SSS, the Societé Suisse de Sauvetage would like to remind us to take care in the water.

In a report released this morning, the Swiss Rescue Society announced a total of 46 fatal accidents in Swiss waters last Summer: 32 men, 10 women and 4 children. 44 of the 46 fatal incidents occurred in open water; 25 in rivers and streams and 19 in lakes. One fatality occurred in a domestic pool, and another in a paddling pool.

Current high water levels in rivers and lakes are also causing concern, as this results in more currents and a drop in water temperature - which should not be underestimated. 

The SSS would like to remind us to be careful in the water, to stay near the shoreline if in open waters, and urge caution! 

The open waters are very much the “hotspots” for fatal accidents. There are hardly any fatal accidents in supervised swimming pools. 


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