Geneva tops the list with vaccines


Geneva is one of the best performing cantons when it comes down to the vaccination rate. So far 13% of the population are now fully vaccinated – compared to a 10% for the country.

Other strong performers include cantons Uri and Glarus. Zurich is the worst still with only 8%. 

 An immunologist at Zurich University Hospital says this country has made the right choice for the vaccines. The two being used. Moderna and Pfizer/Biontech are both mRNA vaccines which are proving to be effective against the new variants. 

Steve Pascolo was talking to the SonntagsBlick. He says if 50% of the population can be vaccinated by the summer then it should be possible to get back to normality. 

Despite some delivery hiccups, the vaccination programme is still accelerating. On average over 50,000 get a jab every day. 

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