Geneva poster debate restarts


The long running debate in Geneva over poster advertising in public spaces will be relaunched after the Federal Court cleared the way for a vote on whether it should be banned in the city.

An initiative to end poster sites in public spaces was put on hold as opponents claimed it was illegal. The court ruled it wasn’t. 

Those in favour of the ban says the sites are ugly and a problem for pedestrians, especially the disabled. They also claim the advertisements are often sexist, discriminatory and can encourage unhealthy behaviour, such as taking out unaffordable loans. 

But others say it will hinder expression and will shut down a publicity outlet for many smaller firms that don’t have access to street level windows that can be used. 

Even if the vote passes – there will still be posters in the City of Geneva as many are on private property. 

The commune makes nearly CHF 5m a year from its public sites. 

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