First Swift concert - but where is she staying?

Taylor Swift (c)

Taylor Swift’s first Zurich concert last night was a spectacular success. Around 50'000 – including Roger Federer – packed into the Letzigrund stadium last night.

95'000 tickets have been sold over the 2 nights. It’s one of the smallest stadiums on the tour. 

The first Swiftie into the stadium was Noémi from Lausanne. She’d been waiting since 6am. 

But she’s an old hand; it's her ninth time seeing Taylor. She’s already been to the shows in Edinburgh and Lyon, but she says it was the first time she’d made it to the stage barrier.

There’s still a mystery as to where Taylor may be staying. While the top hotel - the Mandarin Oriental Savoy - is fully booked out, only her entourage was spotted. There's been no sign of the star herself on-site.

Her second Zurich show - the 114th on the tour - is tonight. 





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