Far right activist banned from Aargau

(c) X

The Austrian Far Right activist Martin Sellner was escorted out of canton Aargau on Saturday night and ordered not to return for two months.

The action even triggered a response from billionaire Elon Musk. 

35-year-old Sellner was presenting his book and argument for what he calls ‘re-migration’ - the forcible return of all immigrants. 

He says his presentation was stopped after a few minutes, the electricity to the hall was cut and then taken out by police. 

The police say the talk threatened public safety and that Sellner and the audience were trespassing as the hall’s rental contract had been cancelled when the owner discovered the topic.

The owner of ‘X’ – formerly known as Twitter – Elon Musk, posted on the question on the site asking if that was legal. 

Sellner says he intends to appeal the banning order. 

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