Despite the heat, leave hedgehogs and other wildlife to fend for themselves

With high temperatures continuing, there’s a temptation to want to help wildlife survive the heat but wild animals must be left to fend for themselves, according to the Vaud General Directorate for the Environment.

The directorate says that some species adapt to high temperatures by becoming nocturnal while others may be forced to move to find alternative water sources.
The hot weather is taking its toll on many species. Water is being helicoptered up to summer pastures for cattle struggling to find something to drink as mountain springs and streams dry up while there are fears that many freshwater fish won’t survive the heatwave as river levels fall and water temperature rises.

However, the Vaud General Directorate for the Environment says that many species, such as foxes and squirrels, will find their way to alternative water sources.

The directorate says that animals have a great ability to adapt to extreme climate events and advises against even placing bowls of water in the garden for hedgehogs.


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