Crime up in Geneva, but not as much as nationally

Crime is on the rise in Geneva, but the amount is below the national average – and the police are winning the fight against burglaries.

The latest figures from the cantonal police show all offences are up 10%, although nationally they’re up 14%. 

But the biggest increase, by far, is cybercrime. That shows a hike of 46%. It includes everything online, including scams and hacking. 

Some elements of violent crime are up - about 19% - but serious cases, including rape, show a sharp fall, down 23%.

For the last few years, police in Geneva have been targeting the blight of burglary. 

That seems to be paying off with the number of break-ins down at 1985 levels, when there were just under 3,000 cases. Obviously, there are far more homes and people in the canton today.




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