Comedy of errors with a police Tesla

Kapo BS

It could have been from a comedy film. Basel police have released details of an incident with their Tesla and a drugged-up cyclist.

Although it was two years ago – the report has just been made public.

Officers started to chase a cyclist they suspected of carrying drugs. They caught up with him in their then new Tesla – but then found the electronic doors had locked, trapping them inside. 

Instead of taking the opportunity to flee, the cyclist circled the car, mocking them. He then crashed into the car and fell off his bike. 

By this time the police officers had managed to open a back door and started to get out. The cyclist, now on foot – tried to run. He was soon caught – and found to have drugs on him. 

Basel police say the problem was due to the cars being new to the police at the time and the officers were unfamiliar with some of their quirks. 
Now everyone is very familiar – and they say they’re happy with the Teslas.

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