Chinese student arrested for spying

US Air Force F35 (c) Lockheed Martin

A Chinese student has been arrested on suspicion of spying for his country in Switzerland.

An investigation by Swiss French Television says there was an undercover police operation in July last year at a hotel very close to the military airfield in Meiringen in canton Bern.

The report says the student actually owned the hotel and his parents helped run it. But he had enrolled at a hotel school in Leysin, which allowed him to stay in the country. But he didn’t tell the school about his own hotel. 

The airfield is used by American made F35s – and several test flights have been carried out.

Switzerland is receiving 36 of the advanced fighters in three years from now. 

There have been reports of several espionage attempts by China focussing on the planes throughout the world.

It seems the alleged spy and his parents have left the country. Neither the Chinese government or the Swiss intelligence service are commenting. 

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