Cantons to play central role in new vaccine roll-out


It’s going to be down to the cantons – that’s the message from the health minister Alain Berset as the country gears up for an increased vaccination drive.

The government has been criticized for the lacklustre programme so far. But there are hopes that will soon change. 

At a high-level meeting yesterday, Berset and the president Guy Parmelin announced from next month Switzerland should be receiving eight million new doses from Pfizer and Moderna.

Parmelin says from April the vaccination rate will be boosted significantly and by the summer 75% of all adults should have been vaccinated twice.
The two companies say they will make every effort to make sure this country gets the doses it has ordered – but they caution any EU export ban could have a negative effect. 

But the message from Bern to the cantons is very clear – the success of the campaign will be down to them. 

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